Wayne's repeat bid gaining strength. He's taking the Trailblazers over Elizabethton.

Trey Williams

Co-publisher of NET Pigskin, author of "Skeeter: Harley Swift's Buzzer-Beating, Trash-Talking March through Madness" and freelance writer (TriCitiesSports.com, Johnson City News & Neighbor, Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, Basketball Times)


(15-4) 49-19

Elizabethton 27, Daniel Boone 20
Tempting to take the Trailblazers, but you wonder if coming off a hard-fought victory at Tennessee High will take more out of Boone than the Cyclones were required to use in back-to-back routs of Sullivan East and South Greene.
David Crockett 34, Gibbs 13
Hayden Chandley's career winning percentage remains at 1.000.
Dobyns Bennett 30, Sevier Co. 12
Joey Christian evens his career mark after gratifying victory on road that snapped Science Hill's six-game wins streak against the Indians.
Greeneville 38, Science Hill 20
A lot of people thought this was an intriguing matchup in July, but it's lost some of the intrigue.
Hampton 27, Gatlinburg-Pittman 24
The 'Dogs turnaround continues.
Cloudland 38, Avery Co., NC 27
Campbell Co. 21, Morristown East 20
Bearden 28, South-Doyle 27
Sullivan North 28, Chuckey-Doak 20
Raiders avenge rare loss to Knights.
Hancock Co. 27, Rye Cove, VA 13
Unicoi Co. 27, Happy Valley 20
The Blue Devils could be headed for a special season.
Jefferson Co 27, Knoxville Carter 14
Hardin Valley 30, Knoxville Central 14
Midway 28, Unaka 13
Cosby 14, North Greene 12
Farragut 31, Oak Ridge 28
Seymour 20, Cherokee 17
Johnson Co. 31, Sullivan Central 21
Volunteer 34, Sullivan East 24
Sullivan South 35, Gate City, VA 13
Tennessee High 31, Virginia, VA 17
Union Co. 20, Claiborne 16
South Greene 31, West Greene 30

Nathan Greatti

"Voice of the Toppers"  Broadcasts Science Hill games for ESPN Tri-Cities.)


(12-7) 41-27

Elizabethton at Daniel Boone- Betsy wins another one, stays unbeaten.
Gibbs at David Crockett- David Crockett protects home field
Sevier Co. at Dobyns Bennett- DB builds on last week's win
Science Hill at Greeneville- Tough task for the Toppers, Greeneville wins BIG
Gatlinburg-Pittman at Hampton- Hampton at home.
Cloudland at Avery Co., NC-  Cloudland gets a road win
Morristown East at Campbell Co.- Campbell Co at home
South-Doyle at Bearden- Bearden keeps the hot start going at home
Sullivan North at Chuckey-Doak- North goes on the road and gets the W
Rye Cove, VA at Hancock Co.- Hancock Co.?
Unicoi Co. at Happy Valley- Happy Valley protects home field
Knoxville Carter at Jefferson Co- Jeff County bounces back after their loss last week
Hardin Valley at Knoxville Central- Hardin Valley on the road
Unaka at Midway- Midway has put up back to back 40 point games. They don't do it here but they do get the win at home
Cosby at North Greene- Battle of 0-3 teams. NG Huskies get their first win
Farragut at Oak Ridge- Could be one of the best games of the weekend. Farragut has only given up 14 points in 3 games. The Admirals win on the road
Cherokee at Seymour- Cherokee on the road.
Johnson Co. at Sullivan Central- I want to pick the Cougars to end the losing streak (only lost by 12 total points in 2 games this year), but I can't. Johnson Co. wins
Volunteer at Sullivan East- Sullivan East is having a rough start (0-3), Volunteer wins on the road
Gate City, VA at Sullivan South- Sullivan South wins at home
Virginia, VA at Tennessee High- Battle of the Border goes to the Vikings
Claiborne at Union Co.- Union Co at home
South Greene at West Greene- West Greene at home

Dave Ongie

News Editor at Johnson City News & Neighbor


Elizabethton 35, Daniel Boone 20
David Crockett 28, Gibbs 14
Dobyns Bennett 22, Sevier Co. 20
Greeneville 42, Science Hill 17
Hampton 33, Gatlinburg-Pittman 27
Cloudland 24, Avery Co., NC 12
Morristown East 27, Campbell Co. 20
Bearden 40, South-Doyle 22
Sullivan North 18, Chuckey-Doak 12
Hancock Co. 20, Rye Cove, VA 8
Unicoi Co. 33, Happy Valley 17
Jefferson Co. 28, Knoxville Carter 17
Hardin Valley 31, Knoxville Central 18
Midway 27, Unaka 16
North Greene 8, Cosby 6, OT
Farragut 42, Oak Ridge 36
Cherokee 20, Seymour 10
Johnson Co. 33, Sullivan Central 18
Volunteer 40, Sullivan East 22
Sullivan South 30, Gate City, VA 20
Tennessee High 42, Virginia, VA 28
Union Co. 16, Claiborne 8
West Greene 20, South Greene 18

Collin Brooks

Co-Publisher of NET Pigskin. Former newspaper guy now taking a swing as Communications Specialist for Johnson City Schools


Elizabethton over Daniel Boone
David Crockett over Gibbs
Dobyns-Bennett over Sevier Co.
Greeneville over Science Hill
Gatlinburg-Pittman over Hampton
Cloudland over Avery Co., NC
Morristown East over Campbell Co.
South-Doyle over Bearden
Sullivan North over Chuckey-Doak
Rye Cove, VA over Hancock Co.
Unicoi Co. over Happy Valley
Jefferson County over Knoxville Carter
Hardin Valley over Knoxville Central
Unaka over Midway
Cosby over North Greene
Farragut over Oak Ridge
Cherokee over Seymour
Johnson Co. over Sullivan Central
Volunteer over Sullivan East
Sullivan South over Gate City, VA
Tennessee High over Virginia, VA
Claiborne over Union Co.
South Greene over West Greene


Morning Monster co-host (AM-640), WQUT DJ and all-around good guy.




David Crockett

Dobyns Bennett




Campbell Co.

Bearden Sullivan


Rye Cove, VA

Happy Valley

Jefferson Co

Hardin Valley


North Greene

Oak Ridge


Sullivan Central


Sullivan South

Tennessee High

Union Co.

West Greene


                                                                                                                                    David Dowell
The Voice of the Vikings broadcasts Tennessee High games for ESPN Tri-Cities


(15-4) 44-23

Elizabethton over Boone
Crockett over Gibbs
D-B over Sevier Co.
G-P over Hampton
Cloudland over Avery Co
Mo East over Campbell Co.
South-Doyle over Bearden
North over Chuckey Doak
Hancock Co. over Rye Cove
Jeff Co. over Knox Carter
Knox Central over Hardin Valley
Unaka over Midway
Cosby over N Greene
Farragut over Oak Ridge
Seymour over Cherokee
Johnson Co. over Central
Volunteer over East
South over Gate City
Vikings over Bearcats
Union Co. over Claiborne
W Greene over S. Greene
Unicoi over Happy Valley

Jerry T. Williams

The only 25-second clock operator in Burke Toney stadium history.  Only missed 3 Morristown varsity football games since 1973.

(13-6) 43-25

Campbell County
South Doyle
Sullivan North
Rye Cove
Happy Valley
Jeff County
Hardin Valley
North Greene
Johnson County
Sullivan South
Tennessee High
Union County
West Greene

Wayne Phillips

Wayne, a sports writer with the Greeneville Sun and member of the Tennessee Sports Writers' Hall of Fame, won the inaugural NET Pigskin Pickin' Panel during its debut season in 2017.


(16-3) 51-17

Daniel Boone 28, Elizabethton 26
David Crockett 21, Gibbs 7
Dobyns-Bennett 28, Sevier County 21
Greeneville 35, Science Hill 14
Gatlinburg-Pittman 21, Hampton 18
Cloudland 28, Avery Co. 21
Campbell Co. 21, Morristown East 14
Bearden 28, South-Doyle 14
Chuckey-Doak 26, Sullivan North 22
Rye Cove 14, Hancock Co. 7
Unicoi County 28, Happy Valley 21
Jefferson County 28, Knox Carter 20
Midway 28, Unaka 7
North Greene 14, Cosby 7
Oak Ridge 35, Farragut 28
Seymour 14, Cherokee 13
Johncon Co,. 28, Sullivan Central 20
Sullivan East 18, Volunteer 14
Gate City 18, Sullivan South 7
Tennesee High 28, Virginia High 14
Claiborne 28, Union Co. 14
South Greene 28, West Greene 27

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